Mix and Match Certification and Destination Tags to reach your Quantity Level.


Check out our "How to Display" section that will give you idea's. You can also use it as a Standard Keychain or attach it on your Regulator, Tank, BC, Mesh Bag or Dive Bag. Because it is polyester, it will hold up to ocean dives. Let everyone see where you have been! Also, you could be a Really Nice Guy and buy one to "Give to your Dive Buddy" that was with you at that Destination!

Our Tags / Keychains are Embroidered with a Durable Polyester background with Rayon Embroidered Thread for wording and edging. We embroider two pieces of polyester background (front & back) and then sew them together along the edge with an overlapping rayon border. The eyelet and key ring are Stainless Steel so it should not rust, or you can get the 6" clear plastic loop straps to connect to your equipment or bags.

Most divers really like them because the are Light Weight, Flexible (you can wad it up) and yet it is very Durable. The product pictures let you see what is on the front and back of each keychain.

All keychains are punched with a Stainless steel grommet and includes a 1" Stainless steel key ring or a 6" clear plastic loop. The keychains are all the same size which is 5" Long X 1" Wide.


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